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what if we were kids


released June 23, 2016

me and my uke, and all the encouragement my friends have given me



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


smalloween Anniston, Alabama

i'm charlie and i'm here to sing songs and make you feel something

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Track Name: skeleton
c g em

if I give you a black eye then you've gotta give me a bloody nose
I don't make the rules that's just how it goes
you sleep on that side and I'll sleep next to yours, place out pillows to protect our souls

c em g
and I want to feel you next to me
searching for that cement
and you can always hold me
I just wanna see where this goes

if you fill in my holes then I will fill
in all of yours
I just don't want to be alone
you chill my skeleton and I will wear all of your clothes
nothing has ever felt so gone

am c em g

I wanna see where this goes
just close your eyes and hold my hand
you can walk and trust me
I promise I won't let you go
I just wanna see where this goes
Track Name: graduation
a graduation
becoming a man
becoming who i am
tearing up the parts
of what i saw
losing what was there, to hold me when i fall

seems like fighting the dead
is worthless
why am i so worthless

i wish i'd know
how it felt to be sociable
and not to be lonely
dont wanna be lonely
dont leave me to be lonely
Track Name: headscape
em f c

powered brain
feeling insane
see the dark
with your lighter flame

falling down the only sound crushing anxiety
kiss your neck wish the best
out of me

you’re killing my headscape (2x)
i am alone

am f dm g
pale from not eating a drought in the bones
fight back the evil that’s inside your soul
smear off the make up thats created those
light your cigarette that beacon of hope

em f c
bite back the hunger that
has made you alone
find out whats killing you is not your bones

listen for the vampires in that tone
those secrets that made you feel whole

sew up your arteries while i call on the phone

loosen up those socks you have placed on your toes
they fall to your ankles but you wont admit your foes

remember being a child and falling in love (2x)
hope to god you’ll make it up there above (2x)
Track Name: midtro
you fought me off
and i was gone
and you were not
you're not
you're not
we're not
we're not
Track Name: flowers
em bm g d

it's freezing in my room but i don't mind
i don't think i'll make it out this year alive
I'm scared I'm scared of what i became
what's the point in all these games

em bm d
the flowers aren't growing it's weird
i think my parents are mad at me
em bm g
can i borrow a smoke I'm lonely
em bm d
I'm not growing I'm not growing anymore
em bm g
I'm not growing I'm not growing anymore

em bm g d

it's october in my chest it's blowing terribly
but it's frost bite of a heartbreaker
I'm scared of what you know I'm scared of where i'll go
I'm scared I'm scared
Track Name: gross secrets
f em am g

i haven't been to your house here lately
and my friends are all doing coke
they are lucky they have that so they don't have to focus on what's here and what is present what is here what is present

f em c d
ive wrote in my journal my will at least four times and your names not on it and your names not on it
f em c g
and i've wrote i'd ride my bike to see you to see you

f em am g
ive got sour spit on my pillow and have
been holding onto my ex girlfriend's letters
but I'm not your girlfriend never was never will be I'm a boy I'm a boy I'm a boy boy boy
and i have drunk myself to death here lately oh here lately

f em c d

ive got a mans cigarettes he left in my car and smoked them one by one
i kept the box because i realized I'm afraid of death because it's not here and it's becoming present
because it's here and now it's present
Track Name: noah fence (ft. hunter k chico)
noah fence

am em f c

i drove my car into a dam ah damn
life just likes to fuck me up ah man
the laundromat closes at 6 like I’ve said
im late again
I’ve worn the same pair of jeans for two weeks now they’re wearing down

dm c em g

found my way to noah's fence and noah fence i don't like it here
walk down the road where we held hands
lost my mind and my hands are cold
and i started to feel alone like where were you when i was gone
and i disappeared into the ground its warmer here and i have no fears now

am em f c

you heard i crashed into a dam and you were scared for no god damn reason
ive known youve hated me all this time so what's the point ah man
the clothes you washed aren't dry they're soaking wet like i've said you're late again
you sewed my ripped jeans up but i don't them it's been five weeks now

dm c em g

lost my way to noah's fence and noah fence but I'm scared here
walk down the road where we would fight
lost my mind and now i'm really scared and i started to feel gone like where were you when i was alone
and i disappeared into the ground its empty here and i am my fears now