french friends & chili cheese dogs

by smalloween

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cooked up some mean jams


released January 7, 2017

shelby for the name obvs,



all rights reserved


smalloween Anniston, Alabama

i'm charlie and i'm here to sing songs and make you feel something

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Track Name: intro (calling me out)
g dm am

stickers plague my window sill
calling me out help me out
i’m becoming dysfunctional
afraid of the

come help me calling me out
oh calling me out
Track Name: love, charlie
g em c g c em

dear my friend, i haven't been the same but i notice the faucet dripping so i listen for the rain and i scream and pout but it won't pour babe i've been drifting, on away, and i can't help but hurt that no ones listening and i want them to hear the pain but i don't want them to feel like me

i think I'm imagining what i used to be, coping with a fire in my chest and my lungs in a ring and i wonder if your watching me because the night is closing in and i can't shake those eyes off of me and i wonder if he's real and if he's a him at all my psychosis is terrible and my body's growing still

and there's a force i cannot see that's killing me
and there's a man in my dreams taking my pills away from me
and i refuse to even eat because i know I'm growing still
and this letters is from me and I'm sorry if i made you feel
Track Name: kaleidoscope imperfect now
dm am f c

hear me out i know you can
twisted fingers mangled hands
empty glass now full of sand

don’t come back you broke me down
scraped my knees and emptied sound
kaleidoscope imperfect now

wrote a song to put you out
scare you away and let me pout
but I’m just too upset now

you called me scary and i felt scared
losing what i thought was there
you knew this was never fair
Track Name: seventy percent
c#m e b f#m

watching the movies they move in all the same ways
waiting for your reactions the attraction the law of

listen to me i know i don't feel
like this with no reason
but don't let me see what i know is missing

sitting on the lentil couch watching SVU
inviting me for a cigarette and a view of gcv

i hate thinking i know something has changed
but this is a feeling and you know mine are always right
Track Name: memorial day
g bm a f#m

following back to those days you know its true
i think about whats bad
i don’t wanna be lonely looking back i know it wasn’t me
but i can’t seem to shake your grasp

bm g d g

g bm a f#m
thinking about driving around it
dirt with pools we found it fine
everything was calm with us

g bm d a
something calming
they're coming
Track Name: the sprouts boy
staring at the clouds seeing the things that i used to
knowing that I'm fine i can finally breathe like i supposed to with you
with you
with you

i know things will be fine as long as I'm talking to you
i can't get words off my mind about how much you mean to me
snuggling in bed until it's noon
i can see the world with my eyes and it's you
it's you
it's you

i don't wanna be any place but here
no i don't need anything else
where'd you come from i've been waiting all these years
i just needed a sign
Track Name: carpet burn (my love)
am b/c em d

I'm aware of the problems my love
and i can't frankly deal with much
and I'm trying real hard now to make a scene
and trying real hard to figure what it means and that it's nothing works out

b/c em d am

am b/c em d

i can't help what I'm feeling my love
but i don't want to talk about it
and it's a hard time not knowing what life means
and it's a hard time finding identity
please let me

b/c em d am

and i don't want to tell you what it means to me
carpet burn as a child rubbed me the wrong way
and i don't think it's fair for me to ask you
but carpet burn as a child doesn't seem as bad as today